Best Drum Shops in Harvard

Our intrepid percussionists have brought you a list of the top drum shops in Boston, including where to buy custom drum sets for 2020. You’ll find much more information on our Boston Drum Shop.

Cmdr. Richard Keen

The musician and drumming teacher was awarded his doctorate degree in December 2017 from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, and is the winner of the Alex and Ani Foundation’s Daniel Berger Performing Arts Award.

He received his bachelor’s degree in African-American studies at Harvard University in 1994. He earned his master’s degree in music and African-American studies at Harvard University in 1996, and an MBA in business administration at Harvard’s Graduate School of Business in 2000. Dr. Keen is also an active educator, both nationally and internationally. He has taught a variety of classes in the US, especially at Harvard’s Graduate

If you’ve ever wondered about the quality of your drum kit, you’re in the right place!

Perhaps you’ve looked at drum kits for college, or you’re a current college student on the hunt for the best drum shop in Harvard.

So, here you’ll find a comprehensive list of drum shops around Harvard and one that’s definitely worth visiting – Dee’s Vinyasa Drum School in Harvard Square!

And what’s cool is that Dee’s offers a comprehensive class schedule and group drum lessons, as well as more than 100 individual lessons (to suit your preferences and ability).

Want to have all the best equipment, but don’t know where to start? Dee’s can help!

Premier Drum Shops in Harvard in 2020

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  • Ivy Garage
  • Neumos
  • Maui Drum Shop
  • Tokyo Drum
  • Sincere Drumworks
  • Small Basses
  • UWO Electric
  • Zenebeads
  • Zymoton
  • Zen Studios
  • Jazz Workshop
  • Sound Bridge
  • Full Moon Jam
  • Harvard Jam Room
  • The Massachusetts Store
  • And more…


  • North Pointe 864-572-7433
  • Cortland 718-792-1571
  • Lower Richmond 860-994-8100
  • Boston Fields 1066-331-3314
  • Edgerly 857-627-8675
  • Colby 858-647-8737
  • Hampden 925-724-1075
  • North Dartmouth 858-683-2034
  • Jefferson Square 858-791-0301
  • Storrs 858-536-4100
  • Westport 973-227-6900
  • Winston Churchill 858-712-0020


Best Drum Shops in Peterborough

I would love it if you could tell me which number you want.

Thanks a ton mate. I just got done with the drum work in April and my no 2 comes in around 120lbs with 10 years experience in the trade.

Need specific drum for your project? No problem. Just ask!

Have the drums you’re looking for but have no clue how to get them? Ask us.

Drum Workshop – Wagon Wheel Workshop – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Drum Room – Tr. 204 – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Diy Sampler (Tustin) – 3820 Altamont Dr. – San Diego, Ca, USA

Ethnic and Gender Demographic of Drummers at Work – Erin Ireland, 1993 – the first internet listing of drummers and percussionists in the working world

Freak Out! A Review of Walt Perry – the report of a drum maker meeting, part of the neo-psychedelic movement (1975)

Freak Out! Demos by Various Artists – Jazz and Fusion artists to be included

Visit our website

View Drum Safety.

Dag Drum – Drum Vandalism?

These drum kits (base, body, head)

are excellent for percussion and percussion can be just as good if not better

than cymbals for many and many percussion is unique and can’t be duplicated.

DO NOT “stomp and drop” your drums onto your sticks or other conductive objects because

they can be physically damaged and even break. We always say don


Premier Drum Shops in Liverpool in 2020

“The best customer service is what gets people to come back for more” (2006)

“We maintain best practices with all customer interactions, regardless of which store it is being handled at” (2006)

Received plaudits from customers for directing them towards “the best chain pharmacy” for their particular needs (2006)

Private sector employment

Consultants to large consumer industries, including the oil and gas industry.

P N Burns – drum repair in GB

Touring Europe and the USA

Jay Lord – a good person to talk to if you want any advice about building a kit. Keep in contact with him, there’s a tonne of great info on his web site

Durham Dinsdale – drum tech

Audio Section

Letts Dynamics – Shure MV40 mic

A lot of sites out there who talk rubbish about Shure make the claim that its true close mic has a lot of pre in it and that this can mask the sound of the kick or snare of someone much higher in the band. Just because its the case doesn

Best Drum Shops in Liverpool

Find the best drummers in Liverpool to play with

Click here to see my other drum shops and drum sets

Can’t find a shop nearby? See the Glasgow Drum and Music centre.

There’s no such thing as a boring or “not for you” style of music or genre. There’s always a new gear to try. Read on for a bit of knowledge that I’ve gained through 35 years of music making and a slightly strange profession: the artist and musician.

The sound of a proper drum kit is to produce all your favourite sonic riffs with punch and noise in all your favourite styles – from jazz to metal and all points in between. You may have heard the phrase ‘drum crash’ but this, as well as the modal and drumming patterns are far from the only examples of what can be produced from a good drum kit. Drum kits should be in fact a creative investment for you and your band – it’s a sound that connects you to your music and means that when you play, your audience cannot hear a single thing that doesn’t fit with the song.

Do I make it sound better?

No, I don’t.

Do I consider what I do a profession?

We are the Premier Drum Shop in Liverpool

Best Drum Shops in Liverpool & our Top 5 Hip Hop Drummer Schools in Liverpool Well here it is, the 1st stop on the Liverpool Drum Shop List. The link to the 1st LHS page has been taken down, but if you scroll down past the photograph of my son-in-law (as I first shared about him here in 2013), and the link to the 2nd LHS page, you’ll find the title for this blog post, and my “About Me” text. This blog post is about some of the drum shops I’ve had the privilege to visit on the drum shop tour. My wife is British and has always wanted to visit Liverpool, even before my first daughter was born. After hearing about the Rushmore.

Although there are many great drum shops in the city, they all offer different services. The process of choosing the right shop can be very confusing.

As a general rule:

First decide what kind of sound you want. Is your drum sound dark, heavy or power?

Next, choose between seven key and ten musical styles.

“I have a genuine passion for jazz, classical, world music and jazz fusion,” says Nikki Stapleford, Master of Ceremonies at B.B. McLarty in Victoria Street. “I prefer larger drums, but some of my favs are a 64 inch stock 16 if I want to rock a show.

I’d have bought it as it looks good, but wouldn’t make the case for it on the mic if I’d bought it!

I had three other drums of the same brand from different musicians and every one had a rather dodgy back, and I wanted one that would last a long time. I’ve spent hundreds on every drum set I’ve owned, and I’ve only used the best, so this might not be for me. The J-200 needs an electric starter-belt for the drums, but the part that is supposed to use an extension pole wasn’t installed properly, which also makes the jack work. The pad socket is rusted and the whole.

Don’t settle for generic beats online and buy your music online at a beats store like the ones in this list, you can always ask for advice on what to do or how to do a session. Ask an expert if you can learn any tricks to bring your beats to a new level.

Download more than 140 free beats here, get started or even use our simple breakbeat chart to make your own beats now.

Im glad to have found your site,

Looking forward to seeing you

Regards Mark R Tiberious Music Smithies,
Auckland. Yes, we have lived with drum kits since we had them on drum sticks! “For Sale” ”Sticks” ‘Pieces’ ‘Pedals’ ‘Body Pads’ ‘Dry Clips’ What we were saying about kits on the pages above 🙂 Ok and its not about the kits itself, its about the ‘pedals and drum sets’ ….yet here we are in the middle of a crazy album price war…… PS. can someone please tell us what the smallest amount of a kit will be.



Best Drum Shops in Manchester

Full of so much great stuff for drummers and music lovers, our store is literally packed with gear from the past, present and future. There’s a huge range of gear from Drum Heads, to hi-hat pedals, to over 60 music instruments.

We have everything you could want to drum, and even have a dedicated section for training and studying with a DJ training centre.

We are the Premier Drum Shop in Manchester

We have so much at our store, it’s like visiting an actual live performance.

You know it’s good when there’s no-one left at closing time! Stop in and have a look around or drop by the store later on for an autograph, or maybe just a drink and a chat. If you’re there for your lunch break we can also do custom drum kits if you’re looking for a great set of drums.

Druminheads is an independent Drum and percussion shop that has been running for 20 years. We specialise in all kinds of drums, bass drums, microphones and percussion equipment, plus we have a huge selection of pro studio equipment and pro guitar gear. We buy and sell drum kits, drum and percussion parts, drum heads and percussion instruments – so you don’t need to buy everything to get the best value for you. We also support bands in Manchester

It’s all great fun, with our small local ‘vintage’ store full of heady stories to tell.

Shop our music gear online and receive 10% discount codes for all your items when you shop through our online store.

We also offer same day delivery if your order is placed before 2pm Monday to Friday. We want to do our best to accommodate your, it’s hard to believe it’s only 5 minutes from Manchester city centre. This boutique owned and run store has it all; sheet music, tabs, samplers, electric drum kits, industrial drums, electric basses and much more. You can even buy wheels, percussion bows and there’s plenty of drum uprights to save you the trouble! From thin plastic coloured drums to major brands that you’ll want to see on stage.

A couple of weeks back when we were in Manchester on a big UK tour of some of our big recent releases, we visited Best Drum Shop to see what’s new! It was a pretty cold day with snow.

All That Birmingham is a must for any serious fan of the drums and music. Come and try one of their budget priced drum kit options. Also, be sure to check out the school they run, TAF, and the National Music Centre. Here are some great places to sample from and get a new perspective on what drummers around the world


Best Drum Shops in Sheffield

Central Workshop is the only building in Sheffield that is in the centre of the Sheffield centre, providing greater access to all our showroom spaces and countless workshops.

Find the best drum kit for you in Sheffield

We specialise in taking large groups of customers in, and have excellent support team throughout the day.

We have the most complete range of drums from Snare drums to Kick drums and there’s even our “Do It Yourself” Drum Set option that’s in great demand with some clients wanting a set of their own so that they can customise it to their needs.

We also have the widest range of instruments to choose from including trombones, flutes, saxophones and even Combs, cymbals and percussion.

Visit us inside our amazing shop!

It is an inclusive place for anyone interested in playing in the Reggae & Dixieland styles, the Clog Drum Ensemble will provide a safe, relaxed environment to be able to develop and hone your skills at playing right through to the present. We will also teach you how to tune your drums, sing and dance, and provide a one-to-one, personalised experience in order to find your natural voice and voice style.

We are professional and have a huge welcome. If you are looking for a Quality, Satisfaction and dedicated Customer Service. Come and try out us.

All the Custom Frets, Knobs, Swings, Claps & and Small Accessories that we offer are Brand New Made to your specifications,

what you request

we deliver. What you have requested is exactly what we have available

if not we are more than happy to request extra products or more terms.

We support the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

We have the following Brands:

  • Parrot
  • Acoustic
  • Trumpets and Basses
  • Cables and Accs
  • Concert FX
  • Studio Systems
  • Percussion Effects
  • Percussion Bells and Treble Tips
  • Chapin Rosslectro
  • Spectrocel
  • Almacoga
  • Rich Glass
  • Black Acoustic
  • Epiphone
  • Parrot
  • Acoustic
  • Trumpets and Basses
  • Cables and Accs
  • Concert FX
  • Studio Systems
  • Percussion Effects
  • Percussion Bells and Treble Tips
  • Chap

These are the best drums shops in Sheffield

  • Uptown Cellar
  • The Cellar
  • Westhouse Way
  • Shawgate
  • Westfolds
  • West Riding
  • Westchester
  • Whitson’s
  • Whittlesey

When Paul Blanco used the ‘Whiteside Advantage’ at the start of 2015, it was a project of no small impact.

The Whiteside difference was that no customer was worse off and all were far better off because the 95% supplier ‘frailties’ in the tables were changed to ‘whiteside benefits’.

In some years, the margins could be up to 25%. In another, 12%.

All the same, the main purpose of the initiative

Best Drum Shops in Nottingham

There are a huge number of drum shops available in Nottinghamshire. Even the most specialist vintage drum shop will find several of these shops to be helpful.

Many of these shops have a stock of pre-loved stock as well, and you can buy instruments from them or place an order with them if you wish.

This is a list of the Best Drum Shops in Nottingham

  • Modern Drum and Percussion Store
  • Burslem’s Head Studios
  • Deptford Drummerspool Beeston
  • The Rhythmorcian Bideford
  • Howton Drumcon
  • Harpath Knott’s
  • Berry Farm
  • Erewash Landmark
  • Sound Devon Factory
  • Hautin Flick
  • Drummers Milton
  • Keynes Nitelife
  • Trimble Square
  • Sleep No More
  • Biddingco Peel
  • UK Drum Schools & Academies
  • The Marshall School East Sussex Northampton
  • Ludlow Moorside School

Most of these shops are open 24/7, but some are closed for emergencies

If you are in the North East or the London area you may find the following shops helpful, but for most area drummers in the South West it will be more a case of picking the shop you feel most comfortable with. You can get all these drums and other related instruments from some of the drum shops listed below and there is even an Amazon link in the page.

Virtually all of these shops have regular and a great range of pricing and are happy to special order drums and other instruments. They also often have a number of instruments that are used throughout their shops.

Best way to buys drums

When I started buying drums from these shops I also started mixing a lot of my own bass drum. Not sure if this makes sense, but it just seemed like the obvious move for me! Being able to be a part of the process I noticed that all of the “nouveau mens” make their own bass drums.

So I began visiting a number of shops in my area and after that I started using “Virtually all of these shops have regular and a great range of pricing and are happy to special order.

Unless you’re willing to do the work yourself, or the shop is too busy, you’re really not doing yourself much good here. If you’ve got a workshop set up, you can often help out in exchange for a charge; in this case, it is a chance to explore your own approach and see if there’s a shop or mechanic you think would be good to work with.

If you’re out of work and can’t see the advantages of helping out, then most of us will.

All of the drum shops are well known in the San Fernando Valley area



Drum Shops in Birmingham

A street-based music company looking to make its mark on Birmingham’s music scene has snapped up another city location for its first company store – a former Drum and Bass range store in Spring Street.

The Broadberry store is the seventh in a string of large-format retailers to be opened in the city over the past three years, bringing in a mixture of music heavyweights like Jay Z and Deftones, indie bands, label Man Records and vinyl press manufacturer and distributor Stereophile.

Drum shops in Birmingham, where to buy drum kits

The South Court complex, which is the sixth largest selling hip-hop headphones range in the UK, is owned by Gotta Be Nice, who do not yet have a retail presence in the city.

Boss Owen Gales – who also runs label Prism Records – hopes to open the store in the city’s thriving music sector, in time for the first weekend of summer, when the city becomes the UK’s major international music festival hub.

“My feeling is that we are going to get a huge boost out of Birmingham at the end of next week,” he said. “This city in the heart of the country is a fantastic place to do business and I think that’s what’s going to happen with this research.”

Location: Broadway Market Street, Birmingham, B3 1DL

Selected drinks: White and dark red drinks, stocks of beer and wine

Service: The bar staff is absolutely gorgeous, especially the head bartender. Lovely girl, always willing to chat. The cocktails were priced fairly and were very strong. They also had a huge selection of beers on draft. There are plenty of stairs so please take some shoes with you.

Taste: 4.5/5. I enjoyed my vodka soda, which had so much flavour.

Value: 5/5. It’s really really really hard to find a place to drink drinks this cheap in Birmingham and I was super impressed.

Most inspiring sounds are certainly from Detroit’s army of percussionists

Lou with his own domain name (a local radio station in Detroit is known for playing his music). And I suppose you can get a good kit for your mum to play. But its the drum ‘n’ bass artists, be they vintage or shiny, that I think show some genuine invention and playfulness.

Lou Reed, Jimi Hendrix, Prodigy, The Firm, Adam F., Tiesto and Kenny Wooten have all been around for a long time. And the producers’ street cred speaks for itself – Lee Hazlewood, DFA, Stan Bahnsen, Manuel Le Saux…

Buy drum kits in Birmingham

I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t able to find any US mail order sites or boutiques for So, I went for it!The following sites are in or near Birmingham, AL, USA. And they are pretty good places for purchasing drum kits at the following prices:DG Drum Kits is a US site that offers on-line custom drum sets. There are some models of drums there not found elsewhere. The normal retail price is $300/pair, but for only $60/pair, you can upgrade to the one-of-a-kind DG Ultimate series, including:Spiral

Double Spiral (if you want two straight 30-inch-wide

After years of failure, drummer Landon DeFalco is about to get his first drum kit in the US.

The man from Decatur, Alabama, has been dreaming of getting his kit in a shop in the US since the early 90s.

But as the shop doesn’t open until March, he has been waitlisted for five years.

Scroll down for video

Hopeless dream: Landon DeFalco, 47, has been waiting since the early 90s to get his drum kit in a shop in the US

Landon, who works at a recycling company, first looked to buy the kit in the 1990s.

Dahmahne as a whole offers a broad range of styles, from the woodwinds to the brass. Dahmahne’s historical roots lie in the prestigious music school that it founded in 1863, as a bridge between the mandolins and the guitars. Its workshops are based in Aston, Birmingham and it has multiple subsidiaries in multiple other locations around the world. Its products are sold all over the world by the likes of Bell Telephone, KLM, and Philips Electronics. Today Dahmahne produces more than 200 instruments of woodwind and brass, as well as 13 new and exclusive designs, all of which have been designed in a very rigorous process. They are available for sale, either directly from Dah.

Killylife Saves The Day, the well-established indie label founded by Deeside-based duo Daft Punk – working with Attractions – is the new buyer of the site at 14-14 Spring Street, which it is expected to transform into a new music venue with two premises in Birmingham’s city centre.

Killylife will take over the space next week with hopes of having music going on for up to a month.

Deedside-based Daft Punk are currently working with Camden Venues on a festival and showcasing


Best drum shops in London

This is the best drum shop in London. It is also one of the most innovative! They have an extensive collection of traditional drums and have a creative shop design. They sell the most authentic Japanese drum sets, Chinese drum sets and modern recordings that showcase the unique styles of those drummers.

On top of that, they are also one of the most respected drums merchants. Their drums are tested daily and a few even go through restoration, if necessary. You get some authentic classic drums and one of the best drum teachers in London.

some people said that Footes Music is the best drums shop in London.

But based on its customer satisfaction ratings, the user of reviews website may have an opposite opinion.

“Having been a customer of Footes Music for a while, I am quite disappointed in the bad customer service I have received from previous employees and management,” a disgruntled user wrote.

“On my last visit, they refused to issue a refund for a refund on the stolen CD that I had purchased.

“They went even further to make fun of me, and even stated that I was mistaken when I questioned whether or not they had any proof that the band had paid for it.

Islington drum shop that started in 1985 with just a one room set up. Now has their own shop on Waterloo Road in Islington, also with one room of their own with the ability to expand in the future. And has a work-based roving jazz beat down store in Chelsea. Great gear selection and very friendly staff. The alp-labs and sound files are available here.

You will be instantly dazzled by the beauty of the vintage selection and the best selection of blues/ jazz drums of any brit shop on Islington.

Great selection of snare drums, overheads, cymbals, and accessories.

I would like to be able to recommend the shop

you can get a drum machine at Cycle Drum & Music store.

Stereo trackers

You can get hi-fi hi-fi drums from Beat Shack or of course,

see what other people are buying at Echo.

DIY drum set

Be sure to check out this kit from Ibanez Drum Workshop,

which features an SMPTE 4007-era TPA6203 sequencer,

and uses a Linn LM-6 mic.

the best drums shops in London

helpful when touring or recording

really helpful when performing.

We also have a large selection of drum sets and drum sticks

during pre-booking and online if you need them

also have little one room with decent table for children.

£2.00 per person

3 hours and 10 minutes – view short review

No minimum time is needed to book to this venue.

Please e-mail us your e-mail address for further information.

Good matches for gigging bands

Mainstream music venue

£4.00 per person

3 hours and 15 minutes – view short review

No minimum time is needed to book to this venue.


Best drums in UK

PREMIUM 28 Oct 2006 – 0-5 A kind of weird synths. Not really up my alley but that was a fun listen. Good stuff from a sounding board!  this might be the best drum and bass work MARK AUGUSTI 28 Oct 2006 – 0-6 the beat is a winner. nice, ambient arrangement.

FUCK it, drum tech this shit is really heavy and it’s the damn next track that will blow you away!  You can hear drums stomping on some OTS stuff!

It’s the most intricate and fucking great beat I’ve ever heard… and that’s saying something.

best drums for you, as a drummer

I also want to give a shout-out to: for his amazing thread on the sounds of drums and his audios. for his tips and advice on composing drum rhythms. for his drum theory ranting.

For everyone else who’s ever praised the sound of drums, thanks for your feedback and/or tips. You’re all a part of the wonderful wide world of electronic drums right now and really have no idea what I’m talking about. 😀 Hope this thread brings back some memories of the drums we all used to play back in the days of TOTP! I think it might bring back some things, even though it’s not quite as good as it used to


He’s written two great books on the history of drumming. What’s really interesting to me is that he wrote Drumming at the Speed of Sound, which goes all the way back to the 15th century when drumming was still an exclusively regional sport in the Americas, in Spain and South America. There are a number of books on the world wide web where you can hear this still. It was introduced to Europe by the Spanish, and it was first used in music with the Renaissance period. This is a generation of drummers that are dying off in Spain and Latin America. They’re always passing on their wisdom, their own techniques of practice and rehearsal and their own drum

I’m looking for more in-depth tactics/tips that were fun to watch (and maybe give some people tips on how to counter) and maybe expand upon these? Also, it’d be cool to include a few OSL finalists into the ‘about’ section or something