Best drum shops in London

This is the best drum shop in London. It is also one of the most innovative! They have an extensive collection of traditional drums and have a creative shop design. They sell the most authentic Japanese drum sets, Chinese drum sets and modern recordings that showcase the unique styles of those drummers.

On top of that, they are also one of the most respected drums merchants. Their drums are tested daily and a few even go through restoration, if necessary. You get some authentic classic drums and one of the best drum teachers in London.

some people said that Footes Music is the best drums shop in London.

But based on its customer satisfaction ratings, the user of reviews website may have an opposite opinion.

“Having been a customer of Footes Music for a while, I am quite disappointed in the bad customer service I have received from previous employees and management,” a disgruntled user wrote.

“On my last visit, they refused to issue a refund for a refund on the stolen CD that I had purchased.

“They went even further to make fun of me, and even stated that I was mistaken when I questioned whether or not they had any proof that the band had paid for it.

Islington drum shop that started in 1985 with just a one room set up. Now has their own shop on Waterloo Road in Islington, also with one room of their own with the ability to expand in the future. And has a work-based roving jazz beat down store in Chelsea. Great gear selection and very friendly staff. The alp-labs and sound files are available here.

You will be instantly dazzled by the beauty of the vintage selection and the best selection of blues/ jazz drums of any brit shop on Islington.

Great selection of snare drums, overheads, cymbals, and accessories.

I would like to be able to recommend the shop

you can get a drum machine at Cycle Drum & Music store.

Stereo trackers

You can get hi-fi hi-fi drums from Beat Shack or of course,

see what other people are buying at Echo.

DIY drum set

Be sure to check out this kit from Ibanez Drum Workshop,

which features an SMPTE 4007-era TPA6203 sequencer,

and uses a Linn LM-6 mic.

the best drums shops in London

helpful when touring or recording

really helpful when performing.

We also have a large selection of drum sets and drum sticks

during pre-booking and online if you need them

also have little one room with decent table for children.

£2.00 per person

3 hours and 10 minutes – view short review

No minimum time is needed to book to this venue.

Please e-mail us your e-mail address for further information.

Good matches for gigging bands

Mainstream music venue

£4.00 per person

3 hours and 15 minutes – view short review

No minimum time is needed to book to this venue.


Best drums in UK

PREMIUM 28 Oct 2006 – 0-5 A kind of weird synths. Not really up my alley but that was a fun listen. Good stuff from a sounding board!  this might be the best drum and bass work MARK AUGUSTI 28 Oct 2006 – 0-6 the beat is a winner. nice, ambient arrangement.

FUCK it, drum tech this shit is really heavy and it’s the damn next track that will blow you away!  You can hear drums stomping on some OTS stuff!

It’s the most intricate and fucking great beat I’ve ever heard… and that’s saying something.

best drums for you, as a drummer

I also want to give a shout-out to: for his amazing thread on the sounds of drums and his audios. for his tips and advice on composing drum rhythms. for his drum theory ranting.

For everyone else who’s ever praised the sound of drums, thanks for your feedback and/or tips. You’re all a part of the wonderful wide world of electronic drums right now and really have no idea what I’m talking about. 😀 Hope this thread brings back some memories of the drums we all used to play back in the days of TOTP! I think it might bring back some things, even though it’s not quite as good as it used to


He’s written two great books on the history of drumming. What’s really interesting to me is that he wrote Drumming at the Speed of Sound, which goes all the way back to the 15th century when drumming was still an exclusively regional sport in the Americas, in Spain and South America. There are a number of books on the world wide web where you can hear this still. It was introduced to Europe by the Spanish, and it was first used in music with the Renaissance period. This is a generation of drummers that are dying off in Spain and Latin America. They’re always passing on their wisdom, their own techniques of practice and rehearsal and their own drum

I’m looking for more in-depth tactics/tips that were fun to watch (and maybe give some people tips on how to counter) and maybe expand upon these? Also, it’d be cool to include a few OSL finalists into the ‘about’ section or something