Best Drum Shops in Inverness

Full of so much great stuff for drummers and music lovers, our store is literally packed with gear from the past, present and future. There’s a huge range of gear from Drum Heads, to hi-hat pedals, to over 60 music instruments.

We have everything you could want to drum, and even have a dedicated section for training and studying with a DJ training centre.

We are the Premier Drum Shop in Inverness

We have so much at our store, it’s like visiting an actual live performance.

You know it’s good when there’s no-one left at closing time! Stop in and have a look around or drop by the store later on for an autograph, or maybe just a drink and a chat. If you’re there for your lunch break we can also do custom drum kits if you’re looking for a great set of drums.

Druminheads is an independent Drum and percussion shop that has been running for 20 years. We specialise in all kinds of drums, bass drums, microphones and percussion equipment, plus we have a huge selection of pro studio equipment and pro guitar gear. We buy and sell drum kits, drum and percussion parts, drum heads and percussion instruments – so you don’t need to buy everything to get the best value for you.

It’s all great fun, with our small local ‘vintage’ store full of heady stories to tell.

Shop our music gear online and receive 10% discount codes for all your items when you shop through our online store.

We also offer same day delivery if your order is placed before 2pm Monday to Friday. We want to do our best to accommodate your, it’s hard to believe it’s only 5 minutes from Manchester city centre. This boutique owned and run store has it all; sheet music, tabs, samplers, electric drum kits, industrial drums, electric basses and much more. You can even buy wheels, percussion bows and there’s plenty of drum uprights to save you the trouble! From thin plastic coloured drums to major brands that you’ll want to see on stage.

A couple of weeks back when we were in Manchester on a big UK tour of some of our big recent releases, we visited Best Drum Shop to see what’s new! It was a pretty cold day with snow.

All That Birmingham is a must for any serious fan of the drums and music. Come and try one of their budget-priced drum kit options. Also, be sure to check out the school they run, TAF, and the National Music Centre. Here are some great places to sample from and get a new perspective on what drummers around the world

Here you will find a mix of what is available now to sample, from the latest producers with drum kits, through homebuilt percussion kits, through electric drum kits and drumsticks, with some very nice affordable percussion instruments and some very affordable drums.

We also have a selection of drums & percussion instruments that look like they could be from all over. From very cheap and vintage (with little to no features), to modern hi-quality, to vintage style (with some big features).

If you’re into drum kits and percussion instruments and have got a few spare bucks to spare, then the best place to buy is with the National Music Centre in Birmingham, where you can really explore everything from cheap to expensive. So go check it out and get new perspectives on what drum kits are out there!

What we like: What we don’t like: Most of the drum kits you can buy, are all designed in Europe and they aren’t very popular in the UK. We’ve actually discovered that some of the drums are more popular in Germany and Poland than they are in England, but there’s one thing that we’re all about!

Somehow you managed to get these cheap and high-quality cheap drum kits from Germany and Poland. We all get the feel that these are “legends” but what we’ve come to understand is these are just cheap drum kits made and marketed by German companies. We can understand that a great drum kit is made in Germany and the company has been around for decades and have done all sorts of good stuff. Some great companies have made good products over the years but all of them are a mess of overpriced, overproduced, over-spelled and awful to play.

This was a long time before we even had decent cheap drum kits and that really is the reason for the success of our site. To tell you the truth, we thought, “You’re in the right place” but we came to learn that you are more interested in buying a cheap kit, rather than a good drum kit. That’s why we started this site.

What we are doing: We are selling drum kits, kits with some variation and also drum kits with a few extra bits and pieces but these kits are our “official” kits. And this is what we believe will be the best kit for you as a beginner.

The kit you decide to get is just a kit. It’s not a drumkit. You could get a kit with drums and other instruments but for what we have made, it’s a kit. The difference between a drumkit and a kit is that the drums and percussion parts are designed by other manufacturers rather than manufactured by us. The drum kit is an example of what you may find on the internet but is still in good shape. If you do buy one, feel free to ask and we’ll make a better one.