Best Drum Shops in Harvard

Our intrepid percussionists have brought you a list of the top drum shops in Boston, including where to buy custom drum sets for 2020. You’ll find much more information on our Boston Drum Shop.

Cmdr. Richard Keen

The musician and drumming teacher was awarded his doctorate degree in December 2017 from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, and is the winner of the Alex and Ani Foundation’s Daniel Berger Performing Arts Award.

He received his bachelor’s degree in African-American studies at Harvard University in 1994. He earned his master’s degree in music and African-American studies at Harvard University in 1996, and an MBA in business administration at Harvard’s Graduate School of Business in 2000. Dr. Keen is also an active educator, both nationally and internationally. He has taught a variety of classes in the US, especially at Harvard’s Graduate

If you’ve ever wondered about the quality of your drum kit, you’re in the right place!

Perhaps you’ve looked at drum kits for college, or you’re a current college student on the hunt for the best drum shop in Harvard.

So, here you’ll find a comprehensive list of drum shops around Harvard and one that’s definitely worth visiting – Dee’s Vinyasa Drum School in Harvard Square!

And what’s cool is that Dee’s offers a comprehensive class schedule and group drum lessons, as well as more than 100 individual lessons (to suit your preferences and ability).

Want to have all the best equipment, but don’t know where to start? Dee’s can help!

Premier Drum Shops in Harvard in 2020

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  • Ivy Garage
  • Neumos
  • Maui Drum Shop
  • Tokyo Drum
  • Sincere Drumworks
  • Small Basses
  • UWO Electric
  • Zenebeads
  • Zymoton
  • Zen Studios
  • Jazz Workshop
  • Sound Bridge
  • Full Moon Jam
  • Harvard Jam Room
  • The Massachusetts Store
  • And more…


  • North Pointe 864-572-7433
  • Cortland 718-792-1571
  • Lower Richmond 860-994-8100
  • Boston Fields 1066-331-3314
  • Edgerly 857-627-8675
  • Colby 858-647-8737
  • Hampden 925-724-1075
  • North Dartmouth 858-683-2034
  • Jefferson Square 858-791-0301
  • Storrs 858-536-4100
  • Westport 973-227-6900
  • Winston Churchill 858-712-0020