Best Drum Shops in Gateshead is an independent Drum in Gateshead and percussion shop that has been running for 20 years. We specialize in all kinds of drums, bass drums, microphones and percussion equipment, plus we have a huge selection of pro studio equipment and pro guitar gear. We buy and sell drum kits, drum and percussion parts, drum heads and percussion instruments – so you don’t need to buy everything to get the best value for you. We also support bands in Gateshead

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We do everything from drum sticks to amps, samplers and guitars, but our mission is to create professional live recording equipment and drum equipment for live performances and live performances without being compromised by a small group of technicians.

In Gateshead there are many producers and artists in Gateshead who are interested in using our equipment but we think our products offer a more comprehensive sound when used in addition to providing a large amount of control and sound quality that we think can be used in the live environment but which is also much less expensive than buying expensive studio equipment. Our equipment comes with a Lifetime Guarantee

We have professional drums, bass drum, and percussion guitars and bass pedals, microphone cables, and professional microphones and amplifiers. We also have a huge selection of microphones and amplifiers from companies like Soundforge, Fostex, and Sony. We also have a large collection of drum and percussion accessories and kits that is more than enough for a large range of performances, not to mention the ability to get some great effects and sound effects you don’t normally get with a commercial studio system. If you want something that is truly professional, we can help you get it. No matter what your need is, we’ll help you get that right way.

The best shop in Gateshead for everything: – Custom hardware and electronics – Drumming accessories and kits – Drum set accessories – Musical instruments that will make your gigs great – Instruments, kits and speakers that make you feel like you’re recording on a professional production kit – Sound effects for almost any musical genre/style – Sound effects for your productions to get every element you need – Drummer gear, drum kits, drumsticks, samplers, percussion kits, percussion percussion pads, instruments and other equipment – Professional audio production studio equipment that is designed to work in any kind of recording environment – Custom music, guitar and bass equipment – Reverb, delays, compressors, reverbs – High end production gear – Musical instruments that will fit your live style (or just look great) – Bass sound and sound effects for any genre or style – Bass effects and kick drums (and more) – Pro music, guitar and bass guitar kits – Bass sound and sound effects – Effects that will make your music even better than you’re used to – Live sound effects for your production – Other electronic production kits and sets that will make your productions feel that much better – Mixers, drum kits, drum pads – Other equipment that will fit your production – Drum kits, percussion kits, percussion pads.

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