Best Drum Shops in Chester UK

The surprising number of shops open for business in Chester brings with it some serious competition for your time and money. There are nearly two dozen shops offering music programs.

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Our friend Jim Kwas is a rock star in the country music scene for having a great selection of instruments in a very affordable price.

That said, this is one of the finest places to shop for a drum kit that’s portable and easy to transport to your next gig.

You won’t find a bigger selection of drums in town, and there’s a selection of drums and accessories that are specifically designed to be easily transported.

The electric kits are low to the ground and easily carried to a friend’s house. Also, the drums have rubber feet that keep them from being crushed on your next drumstick fall.

We did a little digging around and found that their drumset price ranges from

Find Local Sound in Chester UK

Here’s what I’ve tried so far, with links to the shops in these towns that I think are worth visiting:

Rents. Chesterfield’s rent prices vary depending on what kind of rental you are looking for, but generally, you will be looking at £220 for a studio, £300 for a studio 2, £400 for a studio 3 or just shy of £400 for a studio 4, depending on the brand of studio you choose.

Kit. If you are looking to purchase a kit, check out Github or Trent House.

Great of being apart of such a great city. Check out all my New videos here: Facebook/danandtoms

We “beat” Chesterfield and some more Old Daybys

Will “thanks a ton” all our Chesterfield Basketball & Football fans for supporting us over the years!

The best spring activities in Chesterfield are the Chesapeake Beach Jam and lots of Foodie events. Check out these events!

If you like “old school” styles of music, check out the legendary Muddy Waters Band from Memphis. They played a FREE 1-day jam & free concert at the F.I. Great Outdoors in Chesterfield on Thursday, March 21, 2018.

Let’s share what we love. Right now, just think of the over 300,000 hours Drummer Tim at Drum Shop Tapped + Amazing James at Drum Shop Tapped is using and then keep that perspective in mind for the shop pages for a while.

The Shop From The Ground Up:

In July, The Drum Shop Tapped + Amazing James opened its doors at 1672 Washington Avenue in Chester, PA. With a goal of offering quality products and products at reasonable prices to a broad cross-section of people, Drum Shop Tapped + Amazing James is dedicated to providing a world-class drum shop experience.

We make sure to meet our customers where they are and to make our gear work for them