Best Drum Shops in Brighton

A lot of sites in Brighton out there who talk rubbish about DW Drums make the claim that its true close-mic has a lot of pre in it and that this can mask the sound of the kick or snare of someone much higher in the band. This makes sense since everyone who used the mic and saw someone very high in the band would notice more of the snare and kick.

Good news for Drum Lovers in Brighton UK

The good news for both of us was that this would come as an amazing surprise as someone would have to have played the kick and snare. The snare would have been a natural reaction and a great way to hide the true sound of the mic.

The bad news for us was that it was probably going to be impossible to get anyone to listen to this version and make any kind of comment about it even for a week or two, let alone a whole episode.

So I have to say this version of the show is actually a very nice mix. A bit of a touch more compressed than the one from last year but still a much cleaner and better-balanced mix.

All we can say is that it was the best version we heard, both because of its better mix and because of the unexpected comments from some people who didn’t know the show was still a couple months old.

You must go to this drum shop in Brighton to find the best drum set ever, no one will play it, and the best sets in England are at drum shops. For someone in England who may have never listened to anything from this era, its like someone will give you five minutes of that and you will have a lifetime. If you don’t like it then you might never like to listen to a show, but when you listen again you will know why you haven’t listened to any other ever.

When you come to Brighton-UK to find drum shop you will get some really expensive sets, but they won’t be of a quality you will ever be able to afford. For something this good and this good they should try to give you a very good set and not just one or two that sound good, they should try to keep everything together, including the beat drums. What they are doing here is trying to make something a little better and a little bit smaller but it’s very, very good stuff and very very high quality. In our review of the show we didn’t get much praise from the audience or others and it was very sad but they didn’t mention it when they were playing it.

We liked the bass drum and guitar drum, the guitars and vocals but it’s the drums that made us cry the most. The sounds of this show are so different from anything that’s ever been heard, you would miss the sounds of anything else and the vocals were so deep and deep.

The music was also a bit more complex that usual. They have some amazing and complex songs (some of which are too complex for me to say) but that wasn’t one of them, just as simple as the other ones, but at the same time it was deeper and more dramatic and it made our minds feel something. It was one of the ones that showed you this was real pop music, with lots of different things that were playing at once and not really being played by one or two people or in two groups, the rest of the song sounds pretty normal but it’s got the right amount of complexity and the right amount of pop in it, the drums and the strings and everything were played in such a way that no one could be playing it all together, the music just seems to flow together. This show was also one of the shows that reminded us why everyone loves pop music and what it can be.

When it come to best drum shop in Brighton we’ve never had to worry about getting it wrong, because we knew exactly what we wanted and it was just a matter of getting to that day, and that day when it had to be what we thought.

In closing we wanted to say that although this show is an oddity it is absolutely worth your time, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did and that all the shows that we have played over the years are as great as this one, it’s one of the reasons we are doing these shows, just as you could see we’re still up there and are always going at it.

Thank you all for your time and hopefully the reviews will do us well, as that was our main aim in doing this show. It took our band about four years to do it and we are pleased to say that we have gotten quite far and still do it well, we’re grateful to all of you for backing us and sticking around through the hard times. Let’s hope that once you get past these first few shows you still like us and think of us as pop and not heavy metal,