Best Drum Shops in Bath

We’ve been working closely with Drum Shop International UK in order to bring Drum Shop International UK’s quality and experience to our shop in Bath. All of our drum racks are built from top of the range steel and are manufactured to the highest standards.

As part of our Drum Shop in Bath series, we took you on a tour of some of the best drum shops in Bath and its surrounding area.

Drum Shop in Bath – The Best in Class in the Region

The drum shop in Bath, located in the heart of St. James’ Square, is the largest in the region and the biggest in the British Isles – with some of the most prestigious names in the industry behind the counter.

The shop offers a superb

Find the best drum kit for you in Bath

All drum kits in the list can be used as a drum kit, or as drum rack, and we also sell drum heads.

We have a wide range of drum kits, and many other accessories for your kit, including:

London, Manchester, Sheffield, or anywhere in the UK. The best drum kit in Bath is a high-quality kit made of premium drums, drumheads, pads, cymbals, hi bass, percussion, and accessories at the best prices, and at the best quality. The best drum kit in London is the drum kit with high-performance cymbals and hi-hats, high-quality drums and drumheads, and high-quality cymbals, hi-hats, cymbals.

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This guide features some of the best drum kits for the studio and live performance. The list is ordered by price. If you don’t find a kit you like on this list, then try looking for other drum kits in our drum kits guides.

The list is sorted alphabetically by model name and features each drum in alphabetical order. T