Best Drum Shop in Swansea

Best Drum Shop in Swansea, Tune your musical performance with drums, bass and percussion, drum sets, drummers and percussion. They are the only drum shop in Wolverhampton that is completely custom made to fit your needs and style, no glue, no re-cording!

They have all the tools you need for drumming from scratch, from our professional tuners to special sized kits with your choice of hardware or wood finishes. We have all kinds of materials and methods used to ensure your drumming experience is as amazing as the instrument you are making it.

The Beautiful of this little town in the north of England. I’m here to get the drum drum! That’s where I get my inspiration and I’m not even close to as good as those drum companies in Leeds or Sheffield I’m sure. There are plenty of places out there that will only print metal drums, but at The Drum Company, we’re not going to settle for that either. We’re going to have some great quality drums delivered to you in pristine condition in the time it takes to drive to Bradford every Monday morning, where all the drumming is in real time.

Have you heard the name “The Drum Company”? Well let me tell you what a Drum Company is. A Drum Company is a shop that is part of a larger chain of drum dealers around the UK and also has shop and delivery services for parts and kits for all kinds of drumming products from standard up to commercial drums in Swansea. You might expect me to throw down some cash, get some drumsticks and some drum blocks, maybe some earplugs or some cheap plastic plugs, but that’s not our job.

We take drum parts, practice pads, components, kits, custom drum heads and even professional drums like the legendary King Kongs. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your hands on the finest drum heads, drum sets and other gear as we have both custom drum workshops to make your dreams come true! The Drum Company was founded in 1996, where Dave in Leeds first began selling quality kits and drums of up to $25k USD on online auction websites. Then Dave and co established their own Drum Company the following year and the shop became a big family, that’s where it’s all to, what you think of it as!

Now in 2015, with The Drum Company, we have an established shop, a professional drum kit and kit builder, drum dealerships all around the UK (both wholesale and in-house), an all-in-one drum company that sells our products and professional shop, drum and kits, custom drum heads. If your near Swansea City Centre or Swansea City Forest, or just living in the area, check us out to see if we are for you!

Please contact us today to schedule an appointment with our professional shop team, to discuss your drumming needs, drum supplies and the tools needed to make your dreams come true being the best drummer.

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We have a team of fully trained professionals to help you with all aspects of drumming, from selling your kits and making your dreams come true, using our web store and our online application process to get you into the shop, making contact with us to discuss your drumming needs