Best Drum Shop in Lichfield

Best Drum Shop in Lichfield is the largest drum store in Britain is the Drum Shop. They are not only Drum Store loyalists, we have also become Drum Store friends through our Drum Shop Tours! You can order your gear for free from our dedicated drum store in Lichfield! With two shop windows on both sides of the street, the Drum Shop will be selling your equipment like for sonor vintage series so you can easily take it out for fun on your own.

The Drum Shop is a fun environment for any kind of fun day. Our staff, members, clients and customers are always happy to help out on your special occasion. Whether you’re looking for equipment or gear that is brand new we can help you find the perfect equipment. Please visit our shop page for more information on coming and buying your gear.

The Drum Shop Drum Store will carry your favorite bass guitars and instruments from the legendary ‘The Best Drum Shop in Britain’. They offer your bass guitar from a range of manufacturers, as well as vintage amps and basses to fit your unique needs. Their staff is always in touch with your purchase, offering advice and opinions throughout the purchase process and once the sale is complete will send you a note of thanks.

The Drum Shop is based in the heart of Lichfield with plenty of outdoor parking in and out of the warehouse. They aim to be one of the smallest Drum Shop in Lichfield. Whether you are looking for a large drum or an old style drum, they have got you covered. Their staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about using the equipment you’re looking for. Their staff will be available to answer any questions you may have about Drum Kits as well. In addition to their own brand of bass guitars and basses they have got plenty of instruments and bass equipment to fit a variety of needs and needs from classical, to modern, to jazz, to rock and every style.

The Drum Shop is located just around the corner from The Big Top Restaurant and is about two minutes walk from the Old Town. There are quite a few shops within the vicinity of the Drum Shop that are worth a trip if you are looking for bass guitar and bass drums. Here at The Drum Shop Drum Shop we try and offer an extensive range of new equipment that’s suitable for any style of drum player and are happy to advise you on whatever you’re looking for.
The Drum Shop is open 7 days a week, so be sure to check out the new line up of The Drum Shop Drum Shop, including new bass guitars, bass amplifiers, bass drums, bass instruments and drum kits.

When you walk into The Drum Shop you will feel completely at home! The Drum Shop is a great place to get used to playing for the first time as the staff are just as enthusiastic and excited to get you out on the drum.