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But we also make drum kit for piano, organ , piano, violin, and all kind of instruments . We also make acoustic bass drum kit for orchestra , choir , and all kind of strings , for piano and organ, drum kit and guitar, bass drums and bass drum kits , percussion drum kits, bass drum kits, saxophone , saxophone, viola, piano, organ, guitar, organ, violin, string instruments. This ensures that you feel safe staying in touch with them, and not lose your place in the club/lounge world of rave music. With so many talented musicians in the shop, you are sure to feel at home in the Drum Warehouse. Here you get to meet musicians, musicians and performers, and we have more than just to get you in the club/lounge world of rave music. We have that in store for you. We also have one step free to come to our London studio (which allows for better and better sound and sound quality which provides more and more great music), and make new drum kits for acoustic guitars and bass guitars. So when you need to put your guitar and bass on the stage, we have it , and ready for you . And because we are a one stop shop , for you, our studio is open 24 hours a day, so you will be in no doubt.

To make your booking here is easy , just click here to complete your booking , or you can click on our menu to show us the details or contact our staff through the website . A successful booking in the Drum Warehouse is the opportunity to get more music, more music in the studio, to build your favourite styles of music, and to leave your favourites behind to return to the world of music, for years to come. Welcome to the Drum Warehouse…. We can always help you with anything you need, from packing up your kit to making your first kit , from setting up your drum kits . We have a very knowledgeable and loving staff that can help any time you need support.

The Drum Warehouse is a wonderful space that is great for solo drum artists and drummers all over the world. We are a one stop shop for everything from the basics like jamming to the more advanced drumming like in the studio. Our drum kits are ready for your next session, so it is easy for you to know what you need, and what you dont.