Best Drum Shop in Carlisle

The Carlisle Drum Store is located in the heart of the town and at Carlisle Town Centre (3 Mile St) next to Westfield Royal Hospital & Spa. It is staffed by local business owners who provide a unique selection of classic styles and sounds as well as live percussion and drum sets. There are also several outdoor stages, and several private rooms.

We always offer the best selection of modern and classic styles in all genres and styles as well as live drum and bass. The Drum Shop includes lots of floor space on both sides and one wall space that offers free entertainment for all parties. You will be happy to know that we have an enormous selection of gear to suit everyone’s needs, with new and great equipment constantly on the market.

Drum shop in Carlisle is happy to provide you with everything you need to make your event a success. The Drum Warehouse is where people come to have best cymbal jazz, our shop is your place to have the best sound on the move in Carlisle Drum Shop. With their dedicated crew and a fantastic selection of affordable gear, you can ensure that your next festival, performance or party has the best experience possible.

Drum shop in Carlisle is a small business, that cares about its customers needs and wants you to stay in touch with them as they move on. With lots of professional training available, and customer service trained staff, they offer you the best services possible. This ensures that you feel safe staying in touch with them, and not lose your place in the club/lounge world of rave music. With so many talented musicians in the shop, you are sure to feel at home in the Drum Warehouse.

The Drum Warehouse is dedicated to getting you exactly what you want. Our shop is located in one of the oldest, largest streets of Carlisle, where a plethora of options is always available. Many rooms to explore and lots of choices for a range of different bands! The shop is a popular pick up spot for festival goers looking for what they are looking for when they stop in, and also for festival goers looking to purchase their own music.

So don’t be surprised if your next dance party in Carlisle is packed and full of musicians you haven’t heard of yet. The Drum Warehouse in Carlisle cater to all of your needs, whether you’re a music lover that has come to celebrate, or looking to get started, the Drum Warehouse in Carlisle will certainly be your perfect place to catch up with your favourite music. If you are looking to get into some good old times with your friend’s in Carlisle, the Drum Warehouse in Carlisle may just be the venue for you.